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[PSYC BC3155] Psychology and Law

December 31, 1999

Heuer, Larry Silver_nugget
[PSYC BC3155] Psychology and Law

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He is somewhat obnoxious in person, particularly when he's kicking excess peopole out of the classroom, or discussing papers, extensions on assignments, or attendance. The lectures are interesting, but do tend to drag half the time. Course is relatively easy, provided that you do the work, which is heavy. Workload: About 3 journal articles must be read each week, and reaction papers must be written and emailed to Heuer by noon on the day before the class. If the paper isn't in by noon, it counts as an absence. (You are permitted only one absence per semester, after which your grade is docked one letter grade for each absence.) Also: final paper due last day of class: extensive, and grading on it is strict.

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