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Stat for Psych Majors

May 26, 2002

Kenny, Patricia Silver_nugget
Stat for Psych Majors

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Kenny is the sweetest woman on earth. Okay, so it can get a little boring at times, but she literally takes you by the hand and drags you through this class whether you want to learn stat or not. She gears it towards the petrified of math psych major, and is the most easily accessible person ever. She gives out her home numbers and encourages you to use it. Recitations only went for an hour, tops, and they run by voluntary participations, so you really dont have to do anything. She made this mandatory class very bearable. Shes also a very generous grader, which is a definite plus.


4 non-cumulative tests, 3rd ones a take home, test one or three can be dropped. The mode on the first was 100. She explains exactly what will be on the test, and gives you all the formulas, so you dont have to memorize anything.

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