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W2280 Introduction to Developmental Psychology, W3615 Children at Risk

January 03, 2017

Tottenham, Nim Silver_nugget
W2280 Introduction to Developmental Psychology, W3615 Children at Risk

This is a fantastic psych course, and I strongly recommend taking it whether you're a first-year trying out psych or a senior in search of a straightforward but engaging lecture to fill your requirements.

Professor Tottenham is amazing at explaining every concept, kind, helpful, funny, and always interesting to listen to - even if she's just going through a theory or experiment. And since she specialized in the amygdala, she also uses recent, innovative studies on the amygdala and psychopathology to supplement the more generic developmental psych stuff, which makes the course more interesting and less repetitive for anyone who has taken related courses.

Show up to class because the powerpoints (which are useful and posted for every lecture) are supplemented with a lot of info, including videos. I would not recommend buying the textbook since it is barely used and only lecture material seems to be on the exams. If you want lots of background info on developmental psych, check the current or earlier edition out at the library. Really no need for buying anything. Definitely at least skim the assigned papers/studies though because they do come up and are pretty interesting and helpful for illustrating concepts.

I had a great, stress-free time in this course, and it was a pleasure taking it with Professor Tottenham.


Super super reasonable. Two multiple choice midterms (lowest grade dropped), cumulative multiple choice final, and 1-2 page reaction to any topic covered in class --- all fair and straigthforward

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