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Death & Law

June 02, 2002

Nichanian, Marc
Death & Law

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The main reason that this is a superb class to take is because it simultaneously satisfies a GS literature requirement as well as the GS cultural diversity requirement (because it's Middle East Dept.). So, despite it's faults, the class has this rare "two birds with one stone" distribution value. As for the class, I took it and received an A -, and I still have no friggin' idea what the class was about !!! Nichanian is a super-nice guy and is very knowledgeable, but the lectures and lengthy readings are very dense and murky. Thank God you don't get tested on any of it !!! Stay awake, grunt at least one word during each class to show some level of interest, and simply meet with him to choose a final paper topic (which is very negotiatable) and the absolute worst you'll do for a final grade is a B.


A presentation on one of the readings; NO midterm; and a 10-12 page paper which functions as the final.

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