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Intro to Prob/Stat, Intro to Operations Research

July 08, 2002

Kou, Steven
Intro to Prob/Stat, Intro to Operations Research

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This guy simply does not know how to teach. He could be lecturing to an empty room and it wouldn't make a difference to him. He's a great guy and enthusiastic about the subject, but his lecture style is extremely boring and he doesn't take the time to explain concepts fully. He goes into complex derivations that no one can follow and usually includes something about Option Pricing (his personal specialty) that does not belong in the course. Students end up skipping class and relying on the book to understand the material. His tests are based directly on homework problems and case studies presented in each class, but this sounds deceptively simple. The case studies are impossible and people usually memorize them word for word. Try memorizing 20 case studies and reviewing 100 homework problems based on material that was never explained to you correctly. Not fun.


Weekly problem set (collected), midterm, final

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