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Elementary I and II and Intermediate I

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November 02, 2002

Azagury, Yaelle
Elementary I and II and Intermediate I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The first reviewer is obviously someone who wanted to sleep through class and still get an A+. Yaelle is a wonderful and dedicated professor. She NEVER expects you to "magically acquire the material", NEVER! When it comes to clarity, keep in mind that Yaelle is a NATIVE french speaker. Do not hold it against her if you've had a previous professor with a bad accent and are now actually hearing what french is REALLY supposed to sound like with Yaelle. Accesibilty-wise, Yaelle is always willing to make an appointment with you in order to help you out (she also has office hours.) When she does change dates for exams, it's for a later date because she feels the class is not ready and wants to prepare them more for it so that they don't fail: I don't know but I feel that works in the students' advantage! Never did she use defending her dissertation as an excuse not to do her part (the reason it was even mentioned was because some students asked her in friendly conversation a few questions about herself)! Plus, the fact that she got her PhD ovbiously shows that she knows her stuff! If you go to Columbia to take French, you'll leave knowing as much as you would after a year of French in Junior High only. ( note to students: Barnard is known for having the better language department, including french, of both schools). Maybe that's why the first reviewer said that "it's easier at Columbia".


the "random" worksheets that were handed out were REQUESTED by the students as extra help (and they did help), regular chapter quiz, workbook (not for intermediate level), midterm, final. For the intermediate course there are a few small extra readings in french and a few page and a half compositions. Yaelle goes over EVERYTHING in class to make sure everyone is ok with the material and is more than happy to help the class or individuals with whatever they are having problems with.

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