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Intro to Probability & Statistics 3600

January 06, 2003

Petrella, Giovanni
Intro to Probability & Statistics 3600

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Petrella is not a bad professor. I have the impression that our class was the first he taught and for the first time, he did not do such a bad job. He was organized and a good lecturer---not the most charismatic. In general, he grades by the book and is very anal about that. You will have do extremely well in the exams in order to get an A-/A/A+ in class. The textbook is not bad at all and you can just learn straight from the textbook without having to go to class.


A problem set every week(ONLY WORTH 10% of your grade but they take SO LONG TO DO!!!!!- every question has an a, b, c, d.... part to it so if you have 10 assigned problems, it is like 40 to do), 2 midterms and a final

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