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December 18, 2019

Lax, Jeffrey

On the first day of the semester, Prof. Lax will read all of the CULPA reviews which tell you he is a terrible teacher and NOT to take this class, and by the end of the first week the class size will drop by about 50% (maybe more). However, in my opinion, this is a fantastic class, and by far one of the most interesting I've taken.

Lax is a funny and engaging professor who wants you to do well. The problem sets are generally straightforward, as are the tests. He does not want to ask you questions you do not know how to answer. Also, while you will definitely have to study and spend time fully understanding the concepts, the weekly workload is very small. There is no required reading and problem sets are assigned on average only once per week.

The one part of this class which could maybe be seen as a negative is that attendance is not really optional. While Prof. Lax does not track or grade how many classes you attend, there is no textbook or powerpoint for this course so it is very difficult to catch up if you miss a class. However, if you are not someone who minds attending lectures (which are interactive and super bearable), this class is not bad at all. I am a second year CC student with zero prior experience in logic, and I had no issue with any part of the course. I know some the reviews say that this class will kill your GPA, but I honestly think it will be one of my best classes grade-wise this semester.

If you are willing to attend 3 hours of lecture a week and put in a few more to study for exams I would definitely recommend taking this class (especially if you are a poli sci major and need to fulfill your research methods requirement)!



Grade brake down:
1/3 Problem Sets (~10 a semester)
1/3 Midterms (Two per semester)
1/3 Final Exam

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