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Elementary Persian, Intermediate Persian

March 09, 2003

Kasheff, Manouchehr
Elementary Persian, Intermediate Persian

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Spending four semesters with Kasheff as your Persian instructor is a fate I would not wish upon my worst enemy. He is a very obnoxious man who can be extremely mean and sarcastic to those students in the class who are having difficulty grasping spoken Persian. I have no idea why he says the cruel things he says to students. It just discourages them and creates an unpleasant atmosphere in class. He is also an extremely disorganized teacher and a highly subjective grader. There is no course syllabus and no idea of how quizzes and tests count toward the final grade. In fact he doesnÂ’t even give letter grades, not even on the final exam. You are not sure of where you stand until the course is over and you see your course grade online. My advice to any students who wish to learn Persian is to take it at another university. The Persian program here is a mess just like the rest of the MEALAC department. Kasheff is the only instructor of Persian at Columbia so you will be stuck with him for four semesters if you chose Persian to fulfill your language requirement.


Various tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and a final exam

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