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Secondary Education Seminar

April 29, 2003

Gibbs, Jean
Secondary Education Seminar

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Wow. It's hard to think of enough negative words to describe this woman and her class. Need I say more? I begin with, she does not understand the concept of communication, grades are like ambiguous numbers for which there is no rubric or chart of guidelines, and no matter what you are interested in teaching, math is the most important subject in the world - I think that the other review calls Gibbs "incompetent" - boy is that an understatement! May God help anyone who enrolls in this class. IF you are in the education program, you'll have no choice but to take this class - just make sure that you make friends with your classmates early on so that you can smirk during class and loiter in the hallway together during her drawn out lectures - she's so oblivious to the class that she won't even notice that you're gone!


A lot! Readings and summaries for every week! A final portfolio that takes way too many hours to complete. No midterm or final...

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