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Seminar in Perception

Like the last reviewer, I disagree with those who have said that Peacocke is not a good professor for undergraduates. Although I am not planning to pursue graduate study in philosophy, I feel that the two courses I took with Professor Peacocke as an undergrad philosophy major both contributed immensely to my philosophical knowledge base and left a lasting impression on me. I found Peacocke to be an extremely fair grader, and he was one of my favorite professors to visit in office hours. Maybe it is because he does not usually speak at a very high volume (as others have complained about), but he has a way of directly pointing out the flaws with students’ philosophical arguments without seeming aggravated. For such a famous scholar, he is also pretty unintimidating during one on one meetings and is generous with his time. I would definitely recommend his courses to philosophy majors with a love for the subject.


Philosophy of Language: two presentations, one midterm, and one final

Perception: two presentations and one final term paper (15 pages, 1.5 spacing)

July 16, 2003

Matin, Leonard Silver_nugget
Seminar in Perception

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This class was basically 2 VERY small classes mushed together, one graduate, one ugrad. the guy's incredibly smart and very interesting.
There was little or no background needed since he explained everything to us anyway and with the class so small, there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions (I had "Mind, Brain, and Behavior" as my prereq and only took this class to fulfill the science req).
I don't know if this class was a total fluke, b/c it certainly felt like I'd struck gold...he may run things a bit differently now...but for us, we basically sat around talking about frogs who were operated on to see upside-down and how astronauts pee in space....and we all got a big fat A.


very very very light: a few articles a week from things like Scientific American, roughly 2 presentations each student for the entire semester. again, this seemed so light, I don't know if he's changed things for the seminar

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