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Neurodevelopmental Processes and Neuropharmacology

August 23, 2003

McCaskill, E'mett Silver_nugget
Neurodevelopmental Processes and Neuropharmacology

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I have had E'mett for 2 classes and if there were another one for me to take with her I would. She is incredably passionate about neurobiology, especially with its respect to pediatric cases, and it shows. Her lectures are interesting and interactive. For Neuropharm, she has it such that every other meeting is taugh by members of the class. In addition, she genuinely cares about her students. She helped me out tremendously with my medical school apps and interview, and I am quite sure she has offered advice to several other students, as she herself is in medical school at moment. Another thing I should mention is that E'mett cators to students at all levels of neurobiology. I took both classes before taking Neuroscience and Behavior (a pre-rec) and had no problem with Neurodevelopmental, but felt I could have gotten a little more out of Neuropharm if I had taken the pre-rec (but still learned A LOT). I would highly recommend any class that she teaches.


For Neurodevelopmental: I think there two midterms and a final, all with different formats...I think mostly essay, some short answer, and some multiple choice.
For Neuropharm: a midterm, a final, a class presentation based on an article review, and a final research paper of about 10 pages (I think)

NOTE: some people say that she is an easy A, but I think it is more that she is straightforward and tells you exactly what you need to know. If you listen to her when she tells you that something will be on your exam, you will do well in her class.

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