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November 03, 2003

Roesler, Karl

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Hiking is a perfect mixture of a fun activity and minimal time commitment. Karl offers 4 hikes, of which you choose 3 to attend. The hikes start on Sunday morning at 8 AM and, though the syllabus says that they end at 5 PM, the class was often over by 2 or 3 PM. Take the class in the fall: the scenery and weather are great in October and November. In terms of physical effort, the hikes range from moderate to strenuous (Bear Mountain); the hardest part of the class is the "short" 5-mile run you do before signing up for the class. Other than that, I had no complaints. Karl is a good guy: he even prepares Argentinian tea for the class on the last hike. Sure, it was an acquired taste, but the thought was certainly appreciated.


You sacrifice your Sunday, but only thrice. After that, you're home free.

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