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French Rapid Reading and Translation, Spring 2003

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March 20, 2004

Szlanic, Barbara Silver_nugget
French Rapid Reading and Translation, Spring 2003

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Barbara is a very talented and creative teacher, as well as an all-around lovely person. She made this required course for an overworked grad student a real treat. Her translation tips extremely helpful and selected readings are as entertaining, and engrossing as they are instructive. By the end of the course, all the students were friends with each other and with Barbara who has the unique ability to make people feel at ease with their (french) handicaps and has an infectious sense of humor.
I really enjoyed her class and the warmth she brought to the course, as well as the extra help and encouragement she offered outside class.


Weekly reading assignments from a small text and weekly quizzes; assigned translations to be reviewed in class; translation final. she's flexible with attendance but class is so fun you don't want to miss it.

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