December 25, 2007

Hansen, Sarah
G. Chem Lab

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This is more a review of the class and less a review of the professor.
This class will make you rip every hair out of your head for 3 months, but is very rewarding at the end.
The nature of the class is to penalize for every tiny, insignificant error (sig figs, rounding, measurement-error agreement, badly labeled graphs, etc), which can turn an otherwise great lab report into a B or C. Until you learn to give them what they want, it feels like guesswork trying to predict what they are going to be picky about next, but in the end, you turn out very neat, organized, intelligent work.
You learn a ton of material, and acquire great confidence in a lab setting.
Regarding the professor: The lectures are very fast and very worthwhile and are always on the next quiz. Sarah and Kim co-teach the class and both are hard to reach, but the TAs are usually very helpful.
A word to the wise: This class is VERY competative because it is mostly a class of pre-meds and also your grade is based on standard deviations from the class mean, so everyone wants everyone else to fail. Not fun.


Pretty tough. A lab report (about 3-4 hours of mindless work), quiz and pre-lab for each lab- 8 total. VERY difficult written final, decent practical final, great curves on most grades.

April 15, 2004

Lee-Granger, Kim (TA)
G. Chem Lab

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Reading these other two reviews, I began to wonder if they were talking about the same Kim who was my lab instructor for night chemistry. Unlike the other two reviewers, I found Kim to be rather unhelpful, a little bit snotty and unfair as she would pay more attention to the guys in the lab than us girls. People would stroll into lab 30 minutes late and hold the entire class back and she would just let things go, but if you forgot to wash your hands as soon as you took off your gloves or accidentally cut yourself on a piece of glassware (like my lab partner did one night), you would get a ten minute lecture. Sure, I don't really want a TA that is way too strict and a hardass, but at the same time, when I spend 4 to 5 hours a week preparing my procedure, AT HOME, like we are supposed to, and someone else is allowed to write up their procedure in class or have Kim do their lab for them, without being penalized, that's just unfair and unprofessional, IMHO.

Stick to asking Qazi questions as he is more knowledgeable and a nicer person!


A lot. Expect to spend at least 20 hours or more a week preparing your pre-lab procedure, studying for the quizzes, doing the lab writeup and actually attending lab.

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