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Adv. Grammer and Comp I

May 11, 2004

Aurora, Vincent Silver_nugget
Adv. Grammer and Comp I

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All the other reviews already said it, but I had to chime in with them - Vinny is such a gem. The class is a bitch class, and I would never have taken it with anyone else - heck, he's not teaching II next semester, so there's no way I'll be taking it. There's SO much work involved - busywork from that Grevisse book, and writing assignments every week, if not practically every class (or so it seemed at times). But he works so hard preparing for class and grading and correcting all our stuff, it makes you not mind working just as hard for him. As corny as this sounds, he cares about his students. And he's got the skills too - you learn so much in his class. He's one of the best TEACHERS I've ever had. The first time I took class with him I was a first semester freshman who enjoyed myself, but didn't have any background for comparison him. As a rising senior with six semesters of various professors behind me, I can now fully appreciate just how rare this kind of pedagogical talent is in Columbia. Heck, it's probably rare anywhere.


Is a bitch. see above. It's not a gut class.

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