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Health Psychology

May 14, 2004

Woike, Barbara
Health Psychology

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Overall I really enjoyed Prof. Woike's class, although i can see why others would have reviewed her negatively. She is slightly disorganized, she does tend to chew gum rather annoyingly during every class, and she can be downright mean when interacting with certain members of the class. However, I must say I was rarely bored during her class. She picks interesting topics, and adds extra information beyond the 300+ pages we had to read per seminar. Also, she was very considerate with our term paper, requiring several drafts which really helped us to make sure that we had turned in our best possible work. Also, because you got feedback on TWO drafts before you recieved any grade, you got the highest possible grade based on the work you did. Overall this class is very interesting and a must for anyone planning on going into a health related industry. Despite what was said by others, I wound up liking Prof.
Woike. She's not a perfect professor but she was FAR from the worst prof ive had a Columbia, and I really enjoyed her class.


LOTS of reading per seminar. Read enough to comment. Each person has to write discussion questions for a topic of assigned readings and to lead a discussison. Everyone also has to choose their own project topic, for which they write a 20 page paper and present the topic to the class for around 40 minutes. This was the only work all semester that I found actually meaningful as it wasn't just rote memorization or busy work, but actually intended to develop skills, which I think it did.

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Dept/Subj Directory Course Professor Year Semester Time Section
PSYB / PSYC PSYB PSYC BC3373: Health Psychology Barbara Woike 2010 Spring W / 2:10- 4:00 PM 1
PSYB / PSYC PSYB PSYC BC3373: Health Psychology Barbara Woike 2004 Spring W / 2:10- 4:00 PM 1