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Introduction to Astronomy: Astrobiology (Barnard)

December 28, 2004

Kay, Laura
Introduction to Astronomy: Astrobiology (Barnard)

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Professor Kay is really a very dedicated teacher. The class isn't too easy, but isn't super hard either. The homework sets are rather long and are a bit harshly graded by the TAs, but the quizzes are fair and are graded by her, and she is significantly nicer a grader than the TAs. The exams are a bit tricky though. It was an interesting class for sure.


5 Homework Sets, 4 Quizzes, Midterm, Final. All very fair. Tests were a bit tricky, and HW sets are a bit long. Quizzes are open-notes, and exams can be taken with a sheet of notes, so that helps.

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