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Architecture and Dream: From Diderot to Baudelaire

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December 29, 2004

Augustyn, Joanna
Architecture and Dream: From Diderot to Baudelaire

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

In terms of the Columbia French Department, Prof. Augustyn is probably one of the best professors available. She is obviously very interested in her subject, and she does a good job of incorporating some outside resources (mainly artwork). She is also very good at getting everyone to participate. My only complaint would be that it sometimes seemed that she would ask questions to which she had a very definate (but also random and obscure) answer in mind for, and then would act disappointed and frustrated when we didn't give it, which sometimes made speaking in class a little nerve-wracking. She also had slight trouble staying on schedule, meaning we spent weeks on shorter readings, and then crunched in longer ones. Still, on the whole she keeps the class interesting, and I learned a lot. If you are a French major / concentrator looking for courses or even just someone looking to take a course beyond the intro. lit courses? Highly recommended.


Reading starts out fairly light, then around mid-semester gets very heavy. Still, the readings are all very interesting and worthwhile. One short (4 page) paper, one slightly longer (6 page) paper, and a final. On the whole, reasonable to slightly lighter than your average upper level French course.

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