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Contemporary Issues, Methods of Ed.

January 02, 2005

Mitchell, Bobbi
Contemporary Issues, Methods of Ed.

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Professor Mitchell is a smart, likeable, and helpful professor. Her classes are very free-form and not at all rigorous in a classic sense, but she does challenge students to think critically about education and what we can do as future teachers to improve it. She is personable and I don't believe that she has "favorites," rather, she loves personable students who make the effort to connect with her, participate in class, be creative, etc. Most importantly, she is the most supportive professor I've ever encountered. Student teaching and working in schools in the Methods course is an emotional journey as much as an intellectual one, and she takes a personal interest in being there for her students along the way. She loves to say, "I'm tougher than I look!" but it's not true - she's a sweet woman who, yes, won't sugar-coat everything for you, but will bring cookies to class and come to bat for you whenever you need it.


Not as much as it seems - Methods required a 20-page or so research paper, but on any topic you wanted with as much internet research as you liked - not hard at all and actually enjoyable. Overall, the workload in the Ed program is never ever overwhelming so long as you don't let all of the little assignments build up til the end of the semester.

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