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Financial Engineering

January 10, 2005

Wright, Larry
Financial Engineering

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Disorganized and boring - these are two words that define this man. His lectures are boring and the information he presents does not have much to do with financial engineering. I mean I am not complaining that the class was easy. But I am complaining because this class was slightly more complex than Intro. to Accounting and Finance. So, do not expect to learn anything interesting such as options and futures. He briefly touched on options and it was not much for a 4000 level FE course. Homeworks and exams were easy at the beginning but they got more tedious (not necessarily diffucult, just stupid calculations) towards the end.
As one person noted the worst thing about this guy is his inefficiency. Instead of posting homework solutions as pdf files on a webpage he simply sends out useless emails that only have the result of the problems. Most of the time he does not even bother to show the calculation for more diffucult problems and just writes "messy calculation". But dude we are taking this class to learn the messy calculations.
His grading is also not very fair. There is almost no partial credit. However, considering the difficulty level of the class, there is no reason that an average student can't get an A in this class


weekly problem sets, 2 midterms (1st very easy, 2nd slightly harder), final (long)

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