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Fieldwork in Psychological Services and Counseling

January 19, 2005

Stingle, Sandra
Fieldwork in Psychological Services and Counseling

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Dr. Stingle is the nicest professor I have ever encountered in my four years of college. She is energetic, enthusiastic, compassionate, wise, and goes out of her way for her students time and time again. She will even go so far as to talk to you over the phone in her free time and help you with anything. The class meets once a week and you are required to do at least 7 hours a week at a supervised internship. Dr. Stingle runs her class in a very relaxed and easygoing manner, and it's always really interesting to hear what is going on in other people's placements. If you want to go into clinical psychology, this class is a must. Dr. Stingle is incredibly knowledgable and I learned more from her in one semester than I ever thought possible.


Aside from the 7 hours per week at an internship, the class is as easy or difficult as you make it. The more you put in, the more you get out, but Dr. Stingle is really flexible and easygoing about the requirements.

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