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Proust and Deleuze

March 05, 2005

Lotringer, Sylvere Silver_nugget
Proust and Deleuze

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Professor Lotranger is one of the gems of the french department.
An internationally renowned theorist in his own right, taking a class with him is a totally different experience than you would have in a typical literature class. Just auditing his upper level classes (or enrolling in them if you're brave enough) is an enriching experience. Listening to him lecture is like watching someone write a book on the spur of the moment--he speaks well and is always interesting. Obviously, if you aren't interested in theory or philosophy, this class might not be for you, but if you try to take a class with him while you still have the chance!


One long paper, and an oral presentation in class. This is a grad class, so I'm not sure what he expects for undergrad classes. I was just auditing so I didn't do any work--just read. Expect a lot of reading!

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Dept/Subj Directory Course Professor Year Semester Time Section
FRRP / CLFR FRRP CLFR G8660: Proust & Deleuze: Literature as Philosophy Sylvere Lotringer 2003 Spring T / 4:10- 6:00 PM 1