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Production Inventory Planning, Supply Chain Management

July 26, 2005

Huh, Tim
Production Inventory Planning, Supply Chain Management

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Professor Huh was truly a great professor. I took two courses with him this past Spring, and I'm thankful that I had two courses with a energetic, knowledgeable, and passionate professor. He was very organized in his lectures and had plenty of activities/games to keep us engaged and learning. In Production Inventory Planning, we worked in groups to manage a simulated factory, giving us first-hand experience in the importance of a good inventory strategy. In Supply Chain Management, we also played games to help us gain a better understanding of the topic. Professor Huh's enthusiasm is pretty contagious, and he has a pleasant sense of humor. He cares a great deal about what students think and how the students are doing. Definitely try to take his courses; you won't be disappointed.


Weekly assignments, small projects, article reviews, midterm, final... All very easy and interesting. Not bad at all. He's pretty generous on grading too.

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