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Cognitive Psych Lab

May 16, 2016

Sussan, Danielle Silver_nugget
Cognitive Psych Lab

Professor Sussan is THE BEST!!!!!! She was apparently a high school teacher before coming to Barnard, so she really knows how to explain concepts so that everyone understands. She walks you thoroughly the different sections of a psych paper step-by-step, helps each group with their final project, responds to questions over email, and honestly tells you what to write in each report. Overall, she's a really great professor/person to be around!

As psych labs go at Barnard, I think this was a particularly good experience. I can't say that I learned much about stats or research design, but it was completely do-able and (as I said before) Professor Sussan is awesome.


Each week you do an experiment in lab and then write-up one section of a psych paper from the week before (intro, methods, results, etc...). At the end, you design your own experiment, test participants, and then write up a final paper. It definitely wasn't too much work.

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