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Experimental: Learning and Motivation

August 23, 2005

Drew, Michael
Experimental: Learning and Motivation

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Boring, unprepared, easily confused, not very motivated (rather sad, given the course title). In my opinion he is better off just doing research. Not only does he come to class unprepared and unable to answer any unexpected questions, but he does not even seem to feel bad about it. I might have been able to forgive his horrible teaching skills if he seemed even the least apologetic for wasting our time. By the end of class, we were a week and a half behind lectures and he still crammed in the last lab report with one week to go. The labs were even worse, especially the day where he was not even prepared to run the lab. As for asking the TA for help, there was no TA! She came in once to advertise her study and then told us she isn't very involved in the class. This class is a waste. Usually people warn against difficult or annoying professors, but I am warning against damage to your mental health. You will be so angry with yourself if you take this class...


2 Lab Reports, midterm, final, a few ab questions after each lab

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