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Intro, Developmental Disorders

August 30, 2005

McCaskill, E'mett Silver_nugget
Intro, Developmental Disorders

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor McCaskill is the greatest professor I have had so far at Barnard. She is so warm and caring, and really eager to help her students, regardless of whether its for intro or an upper level psych class.

She outlines all of her classes, making it virtually unnecessary to do the reading unless you want to go a little more in depth for your own personal interest.
I will make sure to take a class with her every semester for my remaining two years at Barnard, and am so upset that I won't get to take a psych class my semester abroad.


Intro: three exams (the final is not cumulative) and a 10 page paper based on an experiment you create, but don't actually perform. That paper becomes really helpful if you plan on doing any further research type papers.

Developmental: Midterm and noncumulative final. Mini paper for the midterm, and a final research paper on any neurological disorder you choose.Minimal work to get a B/B+, and just a little more reading if you want to get that A

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