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Nationalite et Citoyennete

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December 17, 2005

Terrier, Jean Silver_nugget
Nationalite et Citoyennete

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Terrier is a great professor and the course is an interesting and valuable survey of French political theory from Rousseau on. He goes over the reading so as to give you the main points of the philosopher without reducing him to cliches. He is able to pull out thought-provoking insights while making the reading digestible. Terrier is really kind, modest, and will go out of his way to help you and make sure you understand the material. He is somewhat of a new professor and my only complaint about the class was that he would occasionally let students take over the discussion with tangential or unrelated points. But that is really just a testimony to his desire to please the students. Overall a great class and a great professor and man!


Fair - two 4-pg papers, a midterm, and a final. All manageable. If you do the reading and come to class, you will do well. He even gives out helpful summary sheets of the readings!

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