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The Evolution of Consciousness

December 28, 2005

Terrace, Herbert
The Evolution of Consciousness

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Alright, I had heard bad things about Terrace as an intro psych teacher: talks about himself, dry, biting, etc. However, in this fascinating seminar, his character is somehow quite endearing. You realize what an expert he is on his subject, and it's quite hilarious to hear him insult others in the field (Chomsky is a favorite). He really really makes you think, but does not dominate the discussion. Each person teaches a class, which is basically whatever you make it. And the subject matter is SO interesting. Highly recommended.

Oh, and his sense of humor is actually stellar.

The one downfall is that he doesn't ever tell you your presentation grade, so you turn in your final paper with NO idea of how you're doing in the class. But you should just chill out about this.


Seminar presentation-- a lot of work, but you pick your topic so it should be interesting. 60 pgs of reading/week assigned by the student presenting. Not necessary to do all of it, just get a good idea of what will be spoken about. Final paper with absurd philosophical/scientific questions that you have no idea how to answer-- fun and frustrating.

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