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Italian Women Writers

January 16, 2006

Ghezzo, Flora Silver_nugget
Italian Women Writers

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Professor Ghezzo made me love learning again. She is an amazingly inteligent woman who expects a lot from her students, there is a lot of reading, but she has such interesting stuff to say that you WANT to read it all! Our class always had more to talk about than we could possibly get to, and the mix between Grad students and undergrad takes the class up a notch. I recocomend this class whole heartedly and I only wish I could take every class with her. She's the best!


Heavy reading, a novel a week, in Italian + critical essays. Taught in italian with some english thrown in but u must know italian well. take home midterm and final. Midterm rather lengthy, we had three essays to write, final just one long essay. Its worth it, you learn soooooo much!

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