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IEOR E3106 Stochastic Models

December 16, 2019

Dieker, Antonius
IEOR E3106 Stochastic Models

For years I had heard about the notorious Antonius Dieker and how this class (an already pretty difficult class in its own right) was going to be absolutely miserable with him. Coming into the class with this in mind, I was quite surprised to find that my experience was the complete opposite. I think this is arguably the best class I have taken at Columbia and Dieker was arguably one of the best professors I have had here. There is no doubt the Dieker is pretty brilliant and that comes through in the way he teaches, as does his passion for the material. He never made light of questions asked in class and always insisted on people asking questions if there was confusion. The midterm exam was surely not easy but I would by lying if I said it was an unfair exam. 10/10 would recommend this class


Problem sets each week with about 6 questions - mostly from Sheldon Ross Probability Models Textbook

March 03, 2006

Kou, Steven
IEOR E3106 Stochastic Models

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

The Good:
-Gives out copies of lecture notes before class
-Lets you hand in HW AFTER he goes over half of the problems
-Tests based entirely on problems from HW, class, and sample tests
-Very approachable for questions after class
-Extra long office hours before tests
-Curves to an A-
-Lectures flow well; he is well prepared
-Takes some lectures to teach application of Stoch (ie. stock pricing, options pricing)

The Bad:
-Accent sometimes hard to follow; sometimes stutters
-The subject material is hard--you won't understand it even after the final
-No lecture notes if you don't show up to class
-In class quizzes can be difficult if you didn't pay attention

Overall: probably the best teacher you could have for Stoch in the IEOR department. I've had Sigman for ProbStat before, and I consider Kou an easier A and an equally well organized teacher. The paper lecture notes he hands out are a huge help, though he doesn't lecture as well as Sigman.


1 midterm (3 problems), 1 final (~8 problems), weekly HW (half of answers from recitation, half given in class by Kou the day they're due)

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