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Cognitive Neuropsychology

April 25, 2006

Mangels, Jennifer
Cognitive Neuropsychology

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Though there are no tests in the class- and Dr. Mangels' writes very difficult exams- you are required to write a weekly 2-page (single-spaced, often difficult to squeeze onto the two pages) as well as pair up with a student and lead an entire lecture. The amount of reading is very heavy- the articles are often interesting but the text, which you only use during the first half of the class, is long and painfully boring/dense. Dr. Mangels is a great lecturer and discussion leader and the class is really interesting. The seminar leading on your own will probably take a good 20 - 30 hours of preparation/
research. If you like neuroscience, definitely take the course! If you like Dr. Mangles from Mind, Brain and Behavior definitely take the class! It was a really interesting class and Dr. Mangles really knows how to pick good material to keep you interested. I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in psychology/or neuroscience.


A few chapters a week (each about 30-40 pages of VERY dense material) or 3-5 articles. Lots of reading. You have to post questions the day before the class. A 2-page single-spaced essay once a week, you can drop a total of five though. One presentation that you and a partner have to run a seminar, LOTS of prep. But the class is all worth it!

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Dept/Subj Directory Course Professor Year Semester Time Section
PSYC / PSYC PSYC PSYC W3480: Seminar-Cognitive Neuropsychology Jennifer Mangels 2007 Spring W / 10:10-12:00 PM 1
PSYC / PSYC PSYC PSYC W3480: Seminar-Cognitive Neuropsychology Michele Miozzo 2001 Fall M / 4:10- 6:00 PM 1