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April 30, 2006

Yavari, Neguin

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

SHE IS THE WORST PROFESSOR I HAVE EVER TAKEN. Even though I liked her in the beginning (and I had her for 2 semesters), she is extremely fickle and disorganized. Plus I feel she plays favorites in class. The latter was very annoying because as soon as you opened your mouth in her class, she would say, "no" before she had even heard what you had said. She would then point out her lackeys who would jusst regurgitate what she said. I strongly believe that atleast 6 students are in therapy because of her (who deserved solid As but ended up getting A minuses after having read every single word on the syllabus and completing all the assignments). She plays mind games with her students as in praising some to the sky while insulting and degrading others. Sensitive students (or ones who have a tiny bit of self respect) should stay away from her and her classes. I think the biggest problem was her personality which affected her teaching style and got in the way of the class discourse (which by the way is completely chaotic). If you do not repeat what she wants you to repeat in the exam and on the paper, you have NO chance of getting an A in her class. At the end I have learnt nothing from this class and am bewildered and frustrated as to why I wasted time and money on this course.



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