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French Composition and Conversation

November 23, 2018

Jouanneau-Fertig, Isabelle Silver_nugget
French Composition and Conversation

Professor Jouanneau-Fertig is an amazing teacher! She is French, and her heritage allows her to give her students useful insight on the language and culture. Her class is extremely engaging, and conversation and student-driven. It is very interactive, and she has a great sense of humor, and is very accommodating. This class was a fun, enjoyable experience and I recommend her for anyone who wants to take this class!


Very Light workload, a journal must be submitted once a week and corrected the following class, three compositions that aren't very difficult, and one or two big group presentations, usually on a topic of your choosing. Grading is extremely fair and curved.

September 10, 2015

Bloom, Sam
[FREN W1201] Intermediate French I and French Composition and Conversation

Professor Bloom is a great teacher. I had him for Intermediate I and then Compo&Convo. I'll review Compo&Convo since other people have covered Intermediate I.

It's a very nice class. You have three 'units'. The first was reading a novel (Bonjour Tristesse) and then discussing it in class. It's sort of like a warm up unit. You talk all the time during class, and have discussions. It's very nice and comforting, and he is a very 'chill' professor, very sweet, very nice and doesn't intimidate you. It is a relaxing atmosphere to just talk. He assigns people to prepare stuff for each class, so like one person will sign up as the "presenter" and will talk about what they noticed and start the discussion. He uses the courseworks discussion board so that the people can post their observations & question about that day's reading. He prints out the discussion board the day of class, and he has the presenter talk and then read through the discussions. People will talk about what they wrote, or comment on other people's work. Then you have someone that does the vocab, and finds about 7 words that they didn't know/feel is important to know for the reading, and you send that list to him. He also prints the list out.

The second unit is on current events, like France's problem with xenophobia, issues in "la banlieue", French schooling, the French version of "satire" and what is satire or what is not satire and crosses that line of offensive, things like that. The third unit was reading French thinkers, and their work that discusses New York. So like, Sartre, Baudrillard, Simon de Beauvoir, etc.

There are two or three vocab quizzes, based on the vocab lists made by your peers. Very straight forward, and they have wordbanks and you fill in the correct form in the sentences provided. There are also 3 in class essays, that he provides the prompts for like a week in advance, and then you have a week to rewrite the essay for a higher grade after he hands back the corrections. Then there's two or three take-home essays, where you don't rewrite those and you hand them in. Every week there's a journal that you write of about less than 500 words about whatever you want. Literally. Just as long as you write something, it's good. He grades these with check marks. The more interesting the topic and the better your use of French, the higher the number of checks. I remember getting four checks once, on a journal I wrote about the relationship between ├ętrange and ├ętranger. I also once wrote an essay about my cats and got like three checks on that as well, so your topics can be silly or serious, as long as you edit them for misspellings and grammer and things of that nature. During the second unit when we discussed satire, he assigned a newspaper/journal/television program (1 'program' per 2 people, but you could both decide if you wanted to work alone or together. Alone you had a shorter presentation, together it would be slightly longer.). You would research the program and then give a little mini presentation.

A lot of your grade is dependent upon your participation but don't worry! He uses your journals, the discussion posts and in class talking to determine that grade. The presentations also go toward participation grade.

Overall, a fun class. It's very relaxed, and Professor Bloom is not trying to fail you. He is a nice grader, and he takes the revised grade of your essay instead of the original or a combination of the two, so you get a higher grade. Also the vocab quizzes are easy to do well on. Very hard not to get an A, or even an A+ in this class.


2 or 3 vocab quizzes
2 or 3 in class essays
2 or 3 take home essays
journal response once a week
1 or 2 in class presentations
reading for almost every class and discussion in class, 2 students will prepare more work than just a discussion question posted onto courseworks; a presenter & someone to make a vocab list

April 14, 2015

Jouanneau-Fertig, Isabelle Silver_nugget
French Composition and Conversation

I found this a fun class that was good for maintaining my current language level without doing a ridiculous amount of work. If you're looking to improve your grammar or oral ability significantly however, this is probably not the class.

Class generally involved a light amount of reading, or watching a film beforehand, which we then discussed. Mme Jouanneau-Fertig was good at pushing everyone to speak and I felt she tried to use the occasion to really know you.

All in, she's a good professor and a kind lady who goes out of her way to help her students, especially if they're going abroad to study or hoping to do graduate work in France. You won't see great improvement in your French from this, but that's not what this class was designed to do.


Very, very reasonable. Weekly journals which seemed a pain, but turned out to be good because she bothered to respond to them. 4 compositions (2 light, 2 which required some work-- rewrites allowed, of which the average of 2 grades was final). One group presentation.

November 20, 2014

Jouanneau-Fertig, Isabelle Silver_nugget
French Composition and Conversation

Wonderful teacher! Very sweet and teaches us a lot about French culture in the course. It is not a grammar course, so I wouldn't particularly recommend this class if you need to refine your grammar because that's not really covered in the material. What IS covered in the material, however, is really interesting and fun stuff. The class is definitely participation based, and everyone speaks in class about various subjects such as classes, roommates, clothing, studying abroad, race issues, etc. etc. (we honestly talk about anything and everything!) The workload is pretty light, and there is no final. So if you don't necessarily need to improve your grammar and you want to take a fun and interesting French course I would definitely recommend this class!


Journals due almost every class, however they are graded on completion. 3 compositions/essays (usually 3-4 pages,) you have to watch two or three movies and give short presentations on them, vocabulary quizzes, one oral exposition where you and a partner teach a class, and lots of class participation.

May 03, 2006

Jouanneau-Fertig, Isabelle Silver_nugget
French Composition and Conversation

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Very amicable person and fair grader. The actual content of the conversations were dry and seemed to be put together at the last minute. But the compoisitons are fun.


weekly journal, bi-weekly composition, daily oral participation, big oral presentation with partner. no midterm or final

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