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Intro to Psychoanalysis

May 08, 2006

Commerford, Mary
Intro to Psychoanalysis

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Prof. Commerford is awesome! She is one of the most open, helpful, and available teachers at Barnard. Every class was interesting with tons of class discussion. She gave two exams in which she told us exactly (and I mean exactly) what was going to be on them. These easy A's made our final paper worth alot less of our grade (although the final paper could be on just about anything of your choosing). Her office is always open and you will find that she takes being a professor alot more seriously than some of the other faculty in the psych department do. Definately take this class-it is a great seminar!


2 super easy exams, about 70 pg. of reading a week, one 15 p. final paper on any topic of your choose relating to the material.

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