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W3290 Human Motivation and Political Structures

April 09, 2001

Galanter, Eugene
W3290 Human Motivation and Political Structures

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Galanter is insightful, the class is amusing, and watching an ass-clown get humiliated is priceless. (see this definition of "ass-clown.") If you're into political theory and like psych, the class is fun and easy. Galanter sits back, lets the students do most of the teaching, and makes frequent comments from the peanut-gallery. But if you require an organized syllabus, forget about this one. Galanter lets the course wander where he and the students want it to go. My only objection was to some of the other members of the class. A few morons can really ruin a small class, though Galanter occasionally enjoys putting an ass-clown in his place. Rolling eyes, scrunched noses, and sarcastic retorts were commonplace. A word to the wise: take this after you have taken his intro psych class and completed CC (unless you have a prior experience with most of the works).


Midterm, 10 page paper, "technical exam"

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