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1302- Third Year Convo

August 30, 2006

Aurora, Vincent Silver_nugget
1302- Third Year Convo

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I had a great time in this conversation class. Vincent structures the class well with a mix of readings and discussions, specific pronounciation work with poems, vocab quizes and writing assignments, yet still allows for a good amount of student input regarding which readings you do and what you talk about, which made all the difference in the world as far as making this an engaging class. As others have already written, he is very funny and enthusiastic and a little bit crazy - a lot of fun in a conversation class. He's far and away better than most of the adjuncts or French students here for a year who usually teach these classes. I learned a lot and for the first time felt truly engaged in a French class. Take this class or whatever class you can with Vincent, he's phenomenal.


Harder than some other conversation classes: vocab quizes every other week, pronounciation tests using poems (that you don't have to memorize) and several essays, plus one brief oral presentation on French news articles. The final is an oral presentation on a topic of your choice.

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