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Contemporary Issues

December 18, 2006

Stillman, Jamy Silver_nugget
Contemporary Issues

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This is the first Education class I have ever taken and it was AMAZING. Professor Stillman is a wonderful teacher: caring, critical, smart, and engaging. I usually am bored to tears in classes, but I looked forward to this one every week--not only did I learn a lot, but it was FUN. We read so much excellent material and talked nonstop about the salient issues in education today: racism, sexism, NCLB, standardization, tracking, and how schools 'structure inequality.' If you're at all interested in teaching, you should definitely take this class--or even just if you want to study relevant social issues through the lens of education. Stillman ends the class with "Radical Possibilities" and you leave believing that it IS possible to teach for social justice. Amazing.


weekly responses, class participation, a 4p paper, a 6p paper, and a 10-15p paper; leading one lesson.

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