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Industrial Information Planning Systems

January 15, 2007

Mihaila, George
Industrial Information Planning Systems

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

If you can attend every lecture, stay completely awake every minute, and understand everything he says during class, you're not human.
This class is by far the worst IEOR requirement you need to take. Material is completely useless and irrelevent unless you specifically want to pursue a career database design.
The class started out with 60+ people but attendance dropped to less than 10 after a few weeks never to rise again. The material is extremely mind numbing and the way he teaches doesn't help a bit.

Teach yourself SQL before entering this class and you should be set for 25%-50% of the course material. Everything else is wave after wave of useless info that you're forced to memorize and remember. It's psychological torture.

Both textbooks were pretty much optional eventhough he says otherwise, homeworks were pretty useless and many people didn't do them anyway, midterm was hard, final was impossible, but the curve was very generous. I got something like 25/100 on the final and still managed a B. Work hard on your project, it's your only hope.


4 HW Assignments, 7-8 Project Assignments, midterm and final

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