December 09, 2007

Williams, Tyler Silver_nugget

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Without much teaching experience, Tyler ji still understands how to help his students learn. My five-person class had a lot of variation in each student's Hindi skill, but Tyler worked well with all of us. His class was challenging, but definitely not impossible. He always welcomes questions and is available for extra help out of class. It was nice to have a professor who really cared about our opinions and ideas; we had discussions in Hindi about political issues, campus events, etc to practice speaking. He is very knowledgeable, having just spent five years in India. Also, it's nice to have a young energetic teacher, who hasn't lost his passion for his subject. I definitely recommend Tyler's Hindi class.


Manageable! Reading for each class, a few worksheets at the beginning of semester. Some 1-2 page compositions. Two oral quizzes.Two written quizzes and one cumulative final exam.He is an easy grader, and all this work really helps you learn the language.

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