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[HIST BC1760] African History 1700-Present

May 14, 2013

George, Abosede Silver_nugget
[HIST BC1760] African History 1700-Present

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

First and foremost: Prof. George is an incredibly nice and easygoing professor. Her lectures are generally interesting and she conveys the material well. She often doesn't use time particularly efficiently (e.g. spending a lot of time on relatively tangential matters, dedicating a whole class to "review" mid-semester in which we basically replicated a discussion section with the whole class, etc.)

That being said, this is not a particularly "rigorous" history class, for better or worse. This is rather evident from the very title: it's such a broad subject that necessarily Prof. George picks and chooses specific topics she'd like to talk about, resulting in a very broad, introductory-level course in modern African history. Surprisingly, there also isn't very much reading, so again you aren't getting a whole lot of information. Assignments are minimal (see below), so you also don't write that much.

For these reasons, this is a fantastic course if you want a relatively easy and light course which will allow you to fit stories to names and have a general overlook of modern African history. If all you're looking for is to fulfill a requirement or something, this is a good choice.
I would not, on the other hand, recommend this to more solid history buffs who are looking for a challenging, intensively informative or generally in-depth history course. They may well be disappointed.

My TA was Sam Daly, a fantastic TA whom I highly recommend. Exactly what you want from a TA in a history class: very accessible, good at leading debate, knowledgeable.


Very light for a history course.

1) Weekly readings, often less than 20-30 pages (with one exceptional week in which we read a full 200-page book, but even that was very doable as it was a light book). Section posting (in my section, you could pretty much post anything of any length).
Participation = 20%

2) Two map quizzes, first one substantially harder than the second (the second was just a modern-day map of Africa in which you had to name the states).
Map Quizzes = 10% of your grade for each one.

3)One 3-5 page paper (there were supposed to be two but she made the second one optional mid-way through). I wrote about a movie we watched; again, very relaxed class.
Paper/papers = 20%.

4) Midterm and final, identical structure: she gives you list of IDs to know, plus an essay question in which the questions are known in advance. You need to memorize some years, otherwise as straightforward as it sounds. There's a review with student presentations on the IDs.
Midterm = 20%.
Final = 20%.

5) Extra credit: yes, there are extra credit assignments (also on the map quizzes and even the final), up to 6 extra points on your final grade. Just write a 2 page response on some Africa-related event, for 3 extra points each.

June 14, 2010

George, Abosede Silver_nugget
[HIST BC1760] African History 1700-Present

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This is the perfect class for History majors that want to fulfill their Asia/Africa requirement.

I came into this class with limited background in African History. I got an A+ in the class because I did the following things:

1. I went to every discussion section and almost every lecture (There's a sign in sheet and you only get 3 absences total if you want perfect participation points)

2. I took notes on my computer (Lots of key terms/concepts on the final and being able to just search my files for the names made studying a breeze.) I did alright on the midterm final but got an A+ because...

3. I did the extra credit (All you have to do is do a 1-2 page write up about an African History "event" you went to. You can do up to 3 and get up to 9 points on your grade total)

4. I only watched one of the four movies we were assigned and wrote a halfway decent paper on that.

The class is a lot like a High School history class. But unlike a US or European version, it's not like many of us have taken a class on African History so it should still be interesting.

Prof George is great for a class like this. She's passionate about the subject, but also really enjoys went people call her out on stuff that doesn't make any sense and encourages discussion. Take this class if you want to learn about a new subject and get a good grade with relative ease.


20% 2 Map quizzes (Yes Map quizzes, look over a map for 30 minutes)
20% Midterm (Got to bring a one page cheat sheet)
30% Two 3 page response papers (I got points off for my first one being over 3 pages)
10% participation (Just go and you'll get 10/10)
20% Final (No cheat sheet, but given IDs a week before)

April 19, 2010

Jones, Myrtle (TA)
[HIST BC1760] African History 1700-Present

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Myrtle is by far the WORST TA I'VE EVER HAD. And we've all had bad ones; they tend to grade a million times harder than the actual professors, and often know nothing. Myrtle is a perfect example of one of these TAs.

She is by no means unintelligent (though at times I wonder); on the contrary, it's clear that she has a vibrant mind. Her problem stems from the fact that she has absolutely no organization ability whatsoever. Her sections are a complete waste of time. More often than not, we don't talk about readings, we very rarely discuss lectures, and instead the group sits and listens as she regales us with stories of her past. She spent 20 minutes of one section talking about the fact that she was a victim of identity theft, and what that did to her for years. She also likes to name drop the famous African history people she knows/has met. As I know little about African history (and in all honesty couldn't give a shit), this means nothing to me. I'm unimpressed Myrtle- you're only proving further that you're naught but a waste of space.

She doesn't actually hand back any of our assignments, whether they're papers, or quizzes, NOTHING! In a history class, seeing a grade for a paper posted online does nothing for a student. As a history major myself, I hope TO LEARN in my classes; more importantly, I WANT TO LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. When she did finally give the first paper back, she made very few comments and didn't even give the customary blurb at the end. What the hell? Did she just hold the paper to her head and say, "hmm, feels like a B. Nope, this one smells like an A."

If you see her name on a roster, or if you happen to take a class in which she is TAing, DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO AVOID HER SECTION. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS WOMAN HAVING ANY CONTROL OVER YOUR GRADE. Quite frankly, if I had it my way, I would ban her from academia altogether.

And that includes nursery school.


She doesn't have the attention span to assign work

April 14, 2010

George, Abosede Silver_nugget
[HIST BC1760] African History 1700-Present

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This was one of the best classes I took in my entire college career.

Professor George is young, attractive, intelligent and engaging. She hasn't been teaching for long but she definitely knows her stuff. Her lectures are pretty straightforward (seriously just bring a tape recorder, listen and enjoy). You can tell she is actively engaged in African history, she is always supplementing the course with interesting films, clips,etc. I wish I could take a class with her again in a few years. I know she will be phenomenal!

I may have gotten lucky but we had a good sized VERY DIVERSE class and I feel like everyone brought something to the table. Discussions were interesting and I was always learning something new from my classmates.

The workload is very reasonable and seems less than it is to me because the reading is fascinating and thought provoking. We have two short response papers , 2 map quizzes, a midterm and a final. Everything is very straightforward, we are given plenty of notice and the TA's are okay. We can also attend events and write responses to them for extra credit!

(I wish the Professor George did the actual grading though because shes more concerned with concepts and contents than writing style)

In conclusion, I would recommend this class to everyone no matter what social or academic background. You don't just learn about Africa, you learn about the world!


reasonable and engaging!

April 22, 2009

George, Abosede Silver_nugget
[HIST BC1760] African History 1700-Present

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I really enjoyed this class. The only reason I took it originally was because it fit in my class and I found the topic interesting, but after taking this class I decided to major in Africana Studies and I have been incredibly happy with the decision. Professor George was a great lecturer and would talk to us after class if people stuck around even for like ten minutes (mind you, this wasn't office hours). I took another class of hers the next semester and was equally happy and she seems to have improved even more as a professor since then.

I learned a lot from this class and came out seeing the world in a more nuanced and engaged way. Almost wish I could take it again just to see what I would get out of it a second time around.


Readings were interesting and engaging and I always felt like the readings were engaging, thought-provoking, and challenging but not in an overwhelming way. The midterm required some studying (don't they all?) but she graded it fairly. The quiz dates were given in advance and gave us lots of time to study it. I also had a great sectional in this class and my TA was engaging, thoughtful, challenging, and supportive and it was always worth it going to the sectional.

Overall, workload about the same of other intro classes but more engaging and worthwhile than the average intro class.

April 22, 2008

George, Abosede Silver_nugget
[HIST BC1760] African History 1700-Present

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I was a little worried about taking this class after looking at the only review she has. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the way that she lectures, it's a little slow and kind of allows your mind to wander. Other than that I really enjoyed this class. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely a lot of work. At least several hours of reading for each class plus a 3 page response paper every week is no piece of cake. She is also a fan of the map quizzes. But I never felt like learning all of this information was useless even if she did not actually ask questions about all of it. Overall I really enjoyed this class, and it really isn't hard to do well. Just read and study hard!


1 midterm that you really need to study quite a bit for (I mean you're covering a lot of information so this is granted), weekly 3 page response papers, reading every night, 1 final

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Dept/Subj Directory Course Professor Year Semester Time Section
HSTB / HIST HSTB HIST BC1760: Intr African Hist: 1700-Presnt Brandon County 2012 Spring TR / 1:10- 2:25 PM 1
HSTB / HIST HSTB HIST BC1760: Intr African Hist: 1700-Presnt Abosede George 2010 Spring TR / 10:35-11:50 AM 1
HSTB / HIST HSTB HIST BC1760: Intr African Hist: 1700-Presnt Abosede George 2009 Spring TR / 9:10-10:25 AM 1