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[MDES W3942] Introduction to Modern African History

May 08, 2019

George, Abosede Silver_nugget
[MDES W3942] Introduction to Modern African History

The content taught in this course was very interesting. However, I found the professor's lecturing style to be very boring and not engaging. Professor George speaks slowly and is very repetitive, and she lectures for the entire class time with rare student participation.
I also think that this course attempts to cover a huge amount of material, and that the professor is often rushed to do so, so what is covered in class oftentimes feels surface level. The quizzes were solely based on memorization of maps, which I found easy but unsatisfying and not worthwhile. Also, the powerpoints used barely included any information and felt useless.

However, if you have the option of having Luz as your TA she will make the course 10x better!
Luz was a great TA! I found her to be the most worthwhile part of the course. The material covered in lecture always felt surface level but in discussion Luz encouraged us to engage in analysis of historical trends, criticizing primary source, and questioning history and its narratives. The reading responses were fairly easy but interesting. Only criticism is that she didn't give entirely accurate information about what material would be covered on quizzes, and that the only section times offered were at 9am. Overall, Luz improved my experience in this class 100% and I think she would make a great professor.


Pretty easy. There are weekly readings but you don't really have to do complete them to be prepared for class. Only really come in handy when studying for the midterm and final. Weekly reading responses which take an hour max.

December 22, 2008

Diouf, Mamadou
[MDES W3942] Introduction to Modern African History

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Diouf is the head of the African Institute at SIPA and he is really intelligent. So intelligent, in fact, that he is slightly intimidating. Our class was supposed to be a discussion, but he is so knowledgeable that it would sometimes turn into a lecture. I originally signed up for this class and was planning to drop it because I didn't actually need to take it, but because of the lecture on the first day knew that I HAD to take it because he was just so interesting and organized that I knew it would be unbeatable. And it was. Our readings were really relevant, and he did a good job of getting across an idea of a history of an entire continent of people. One slight problem was the scope of the class because it sometimes got confusing (obviously, it's a class on a whole continent), but he is also available during office hours and by appointment to go over issues. He sometimes seems uninterested in the quieter or less educated students, but once you break through his barriers he really is a nice man.


Lots of reading, responses each week, a final 20 page paper.

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