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[IEOR E4000] Production and Operations Managemen

November 19, 2009

Riccio, Lucius
[IEOR E4000] Production and Operations Managemen

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Riccio is simply the sweetest and funniest teacher I have had till now (and probably will have had in Columbia). His class, Production Management is very entertaining and interesting even though it is at 9am! He tells lots of personal experience stories which are always interesting and related to the topic being covered in class; he explains the chapters in a conceptual and practical way, contrarily to the theory we get in other courses. Sometimes he leaves it to you to figure out the mathematics (which is always easy to do for this course and well presented in the book). Oh! And he also has lots of good jokes to tell :)

The course Production Management is easy but very interesting; Overall, it's a survey of all the production process; a nice introduction to what topics we can encounter as EMS/OR/IE students. I strongly recommend it, especially with Prof. Riccio.


Very fair.
Rather easy and not long assignments for every class (as long as students do not complain for a reason or another).
One midterm (Prof. Riccio is considering to do two midterms, each covering less material of course). The midterm was long but very similar to the assignments. If you work on the assignments, you will do well on the midterm.
Final: I'll know whenever I take it!

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