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[RELI W4403] Bodies & Sprits in East Asia

May 15, 2010

Como, Michael Silver_nugget
[RELI W4403] Bodies & Sprits in East Asia

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This graduate seminar was very informative and quite enjoyable. There was significant reading due each week, and each discussion was led by two students. Professor Como usually stayed ou of the way and let us lead the class. The two leaders for the next week's class met with Professor Como at Starbucks on the Friday before class to discuss the readings and come up with questions about them, then these questions were emailed out to the class. Everyone was to post responses on CourseWorks by 5 PM on Sunday.

The class focused more on spirits than on bodies, though you can't really separate the two here. We also spent most of our time reading about China, though we did go into Vietnam and Korea a little, and Japan for a few weeks at the end.

This class was my first exposure to East Asian religions, and I made it through, though I do suggest taking other classes in East Asian religion for the extra background information. This would especially have helped me as I wrote the term paper.


Medium to long reading each week, weekly courseworks post, 15-20 page term paper.

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