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[MDES W1911] Elementary Modern Turkish II

March 29, 2011

Colak, Zuleyha
[MDES W1910] Elementary Modern Turkish I and [MDES W1911] Elementary Modern Turkish II

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If you are considering taking Turkish at Columbia, I highly recommend Professor Çolak's class. Turkish is my third foreign language, and this professor's instruction is by far the best I have received out of a dozen teachers. Her pedagogy is focused heavily on speaking, and the results show. By the end of the first semester, each student was able to give a ten minute oral presentation, and during the second semester, we regularly converse at length in Turkish, switching back to English only for limited periods to explain new grammar or vocabulary. Importantly, the instruction in the class is non-dogmatic and flexible. We are not circus animals performing endless grammar drills and translation exercises, and student feedback frequently determined the course of the class. If you have any particular goals in learning Turkish, Professor Çolak will probably be able to accommodate them. If you're willing to devote a large amount of time and effort to learning Turkish, this class will reward your efforts.


Heavy. It is a five-credit class, and it shows. Mandatory conversation section once a week; this is very helpful. Homework every night, including a ten-minute audio recording and various writing topics.

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