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[FREN W3421] Intro to French and Francophone Studies II

December 24, 2011

Mack, Mehammed Silver_nugget
[FREN W3421] Intro to French and Francophone Studies II

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Great professor. Mack does a really thorough job of explaining the material, which is sometimes very difficult. He's a nice guy and is very available to read papers or explain the materials. The discussion in class is good, not intimidating, sometimes pretty laid-back.
That said, the reading for the class is ridiculous. Two huge course packets plus additional essays/texts that are almost all very dense. A few readings are in English. You don't necessarily have to read everything, but you need to read a good amount of it to write responses and participate in class, and there are passage IDs and pretty specific open-ended questions on the midterm and final. The syllabus is pretty new so some things might be revised, but there are some absolutely absurd readings that are like 200 pages of French dialectic about philosophy/political policy/post-colonial economics, whatever.
Take this class if you're ready to read and want an introduction to French/Francophone thought about race, colonization, modernization, negritude, creolite... It's a solid course and you learn a lot if you have the time to do the reading, go to every class, or both. Mack is definitely a great choice to tackle it.


Ton of reading (~75-200 pages/week), usually super dense but occasionally lighter fiction. 2 or 3 films. 5 600-word responses, pretty difficult midterm and final (multiple choice, short-answer, passage IDs, short essays). Participation/attendance also counts. Option for extra credit by going to Maison Francaise conferences.

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