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[PSYC G4280] Core Knowledge

January 16, 2012

McCrink, Koleen Silver_nugget
[PSYC G4280] Core Knowledge

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I have mixed feelings about Professor McCrink. I had her for the graduate seminar Core Knowledge, and while she was always engaging and funny, she didn't actually teach any of the class - instead, students took turns preparing two-hour powerpoint presentations on pre-selected material. Luckily, the presentations were usually really good, but it would have been nice to hear McCrink actually present her own area of expertise. While I can totally see how she would be a great lecture professor, as a seminar professor she was sometimes a little superficial and a bit hard to relate to. Finally, she revealed at the end of the course that she had been grading very rigorously all along, though we never talked about grading or saw any grades. The structure of the course made it difficult to understand what she was looking for in final projects and papers, and it wasn't clarified though meeting with her. In short, I think she's probably a wonderful lecture professor, but I think her personal style could be improved a little for small seminars.


Pretty heavy but understandable for a grad class: A ton of reading per week, online discussion posts, two-hour presentation, final presentation and 12-14 page grant proposal

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