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[IEOR E4307] Applied Statistical Models in OR

April 23, 2012

Wright, Larry
[IEOR E4307] Applied Statistical Models in OR

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The worst professor I have ever encountered. PLEASE AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS. He is a terrible lecturer and doesn't even know how to copy down the formulae from his notes on the blackboard. To study for the test, you need to go through his terribly scanned hand-written pdf, and the textbook which doesn't cover some of the stuff he goes over. Course material is not hard if you read the textbook and try to understand what's going on, but it is just too painful to sit through his lectures. It is really a disaster that everyone who wishes to pursue the glorious financial engineering as their major has to go through this course. Seriously, this course (more like this professor) is one of the major reasons that made me consider changing my major. I seriously advise students to take other alternatives for the statistics requirement for their major.


Weekly problem set (5 problems), two midterms (fair, but ridiculously formatted), one final.

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IEOR / IEOR IEOR IEOR E4307: Appl Statistical Models in or Larry Wright 2012 Spring MW / 1:10- 2:25 PM 1