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[PSYCH S3225] The Wandering Mind

May 02, 2013

Buhle, Jason Silver_nugget
[PSYCH S3225] The Wandering Mind

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Jason is a great professor. He is really smart and pretty clearly a badass in the world of Psychology, but is not pompous or conceited about it. He structures the class well; discussion was always stimulating, even if we didn't always get to all the papers we had read for that week. He also provides much opportunity for his students to grow and develop their skills in analysis and writing.

He is not an easy professor and expects a lot from his students. This course required weekly blog posts of 750-1250 words, complete wiht summaries and analysis of a specified question. It seemed like a lot at the beginning of the semester and took a decent amount of organization, but after a short bit I settled into the amount of writing each week and it felt like a piece of cake. Also, being a blog and putting in pictures and making it public made it more fun than just a teacher response paper. But don't go into the class expecting it to be a cake-walk seminar-- it's challenging, and Jason expects you to really delve into the topics thoroughly, do all the reading, and put a lot of effort into the posts and your research proposal.


Weekly 750-1250 word blog posts, research proposal: initial proposal, oral proposal (a lot of emphasis on this), and final proposal. Peer review and good support for all, but it is a decent amount of work.

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