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[S3225] Psychology of Attention

August 06, 2012

Buhle, Jason Silver_nugget
[S3225] Psychology of Attention

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I just took Jason's seminar in the psychology of attention during a summer session. In general, I found Jason to be an earnest, honest, intense, intelligent, and creative teacher. The readings and pedagogical methods were on target, and I dare say that I'm walking away with a decent grasp of major issues in the psychology of attention, at least as it is currently formulated. Jason took a genuine interest in seeing ALL of us learn and succeed, and I will jump at the opportunity to take another class with him if that is feasible.


The workload was pretty grinding, but this was a 5-1/2 week summer session course, so that was to be expected. Needless to say, don't wait to the last minute--as I sometimes did--and you should be okay. There are no curve balls in Jason's classes, and he's fair.

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PSYC / PSYC PSYC PSYC S3225: Psych/Neurosci: Approaches/Atten: Psych/Neurosci: Approaches/Attn Jason Buhle 2012 Summer TR / 9:00-12:10 PM 1